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Jen & Friends (1999-2001)

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It was fun putting this gallery together: Jen had a natural warmth that was infectious - you can see her glow infusing the people around her.

1995-00-00-JenJen.jpg (63254 bytes) 1999-01-22-AUT_3027.jpg (83158 bytes) 1999-01-22-Goddesses.jpg (104990 bytes) 1999-03-22-AUT_3653.jpg (76454 bytes)
1999-03-27-AUT_3675.jpg (121129 bytes) 1999-05-15-AUT_4427.jpg (93183 bytes) 1999-05-22-AUT_4468.jpg (81007 bytes) 1999-06-05-jenRachel.jpg (116089 bytes)
1999-07-00-Image0064.jpg (117365 bytes) 1999-08-00-AUT_5125.jpg (76488 bytes) 1999-08-01-BenJen.jpg (111155 bytes) 1999-10-03-AUT_5553.jpg (95065 bytes)
2000-01-01-AUT_6421.jpg (78854 bytes) 2000-04-18-jenjenLit.jpg (85217 bytes) 2000-05-13-P1010028.jpg (101553 bytes) 2000-06-19-DSCN0515.jpg (80046 bytes)
2000-06-21-DSCN0532.jpg (86705 bytes) 2000-07-05-DSCN0978.jpg (79346 bytes) 2000-08-19-DSCN1352.jpg (91199 bytes) 2000-08-27-DSCN1457.jpg (96131 bytes)
2000-09-01-DSCN1515.jpg (95569 bytes) 2000-10-12-DSCN1777.jpg (92569 bytes) 2000-10-22-DSCN1841.jpg (118686 bytes) 2000-11-20-IMG_0117.jpg (93543 bytes)

Feeling left out? If you have photographs with Jen, please let me borrow them for awhile; I'll scan them and send them back.

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