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#00 (04Jul00) Difficult News

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Subject: Jen wellness update #00 (04Jul00) Difficult News
From:      Karl Horton


I have some sad and difficult family news. My apologies for not speaking to you directly: telephoning has been exhausting, and I've been unable to reach some of you.

Three weeks ago Jen was diagnosed with a cancer in her tongue. Such a cancer in someone of her age and lifestyle habits is extremely unusual, but not entirely unknown. Although the tumor is not currently life threatening, it is growing, and Jen will be going into hospital to have the tumor removed this Friday (14th July). 

It's a major procedure, and Jen will be in hospital for about two weeks. Subsequently she'll have both chemo- and radiotherapy to prevent a reoccurrence. Jen's parents have come across from New York to be near to her in San Francisco.

On a lighter note, since our wedding plans in October will have to be postponed, we're now delighted to be able to share the news that we got married in secret about two months ago! We take comfort from having done that in complete ignorance of Jen's cancer.

I will be sending reports of Jen's healing via email; if you'd like to be included on the list, let me know. I realize that I've not been in touch with some of you for awhile, but I felt you'd want to know about this news. My apologies, once again, for delivering it in this manner.

regards, Karl

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