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#02 (13Jul00) Plan of Action

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Subject: Jen wellness update #02 (12Jul00) Plan of Action
From:      Karl Horton

Jen watchers,

Things have been horribly uncertain over the last few days: however we now have a plan of action.

Jen attended a "tumor board" yesterday - several highly experienced surgeons and oncologists gently probed Jen's tumor with spatulas and rubber gloves ... then they let the medical students in. I suppose students have to start somewhere, and it provided some light relief for Jen to have her neck gently caressed (just feeling your glands) by a charming young man in a white coat who was, allegedly, quite cute!

The board's decision was unanimously to proceed with surgery: we were relieved at consensus, but dismayed that we'd lost valuable time by vacillating. We found out today that UCSF has re-mobilized extremely quickly, and Jen's operation will be *this Friday* (14th July).

Jen's procedure will be complicated, involving removing the tumor from her tongue, then irradiating the tumor site, then performing an amazing piece of plastic surgery. A piece of forearm flesh will be used to replace some of the lost tongue bulk.

She'll be continuously in the operating theatre for  around eight hours.

Jen asks for your thoughts and prayers: we both continue to be touched and encouraged by the amount of care you all show.

Yours, Karl

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