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#03 (14Jul00) Modern Gizmos

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Subject: Jen wellness update #03 (14Jul00) Modern Gizmos
From:      Karl Horton

Jen watchers,

I'm thankful today for two modern gizmos: email to send you all news, and a cell phone to free relatives from claustrophobic hospital waiting rooms.

Jen went into surgery as planned at eight this morning. The family was discharged with strict instructions not to sit around the waiting room for eight hours, but to

get out in the (unusual for San Francisco) sunshine. The surgeons were good about keeping us informed as the day progressed, and I was actually happy rather than harassed about having a cell phone with me: it certainly made leaving the house to get lunch more relaxed!

The tumor removal went well - by which I mean that nothing wildly unexpected turned up. The surgeon was happy that he had excised the cancerous cells with enough margin. And the reconstructive stage was also successful - by which the plastic surgeon means he "has a good feeling" that the tongue flap will be viable, and that the flap matches the shape of the old tongue well.

Jen emerged from the OR at midnight - sixteen hours. She'll be in recovery all night because of the length of her anesthesia. She will be in intensive care for the next several days: unknown yet whether she can receive visitors or flowers there.

regards, Karl

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