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#04 (15Jul00) The Whiteboard

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Subject: Jen wellness update #04 (15Jul00) The Whiteboard
From:      Karl Horton

Jen watchers,

thanks for your emails - it's good for me to know that I'm getting through: and Jen will read them all in due course.

Jane, Larry & I visited Jen very briefly this morning.

She's awake, she looks remarkably good - no bandages at all on her head or neck, and the wounds even now aren't ugly.  She's breathing on her own with just a slight oxygen assist,  and can definitely understand what's going on around her.

As Andy Goldberg (the surgeon) predicted; Jen is almost immediately awake enough to makes her needs known.

A moment of levity: Jane had the good sense to bring a little whiteboard in with her - despite the multi-million dollar racks of equipment surrounding Jen, the ICU seemed to have forgotten that Jen might actually want to *say* something.

Jane had written "Mommy & Poppy love you" on the whiteboard, and she showed it to Jen. Jen nodded and waved her right  hand regally. We wiped the board clean and placed a marker in Jen's hand. Slowly and with obvious difficulty, Jen wrote...

It could have been a scene from a particularly schmaltzy American movie; the message is difficult to decipher, but reads "I love you, too, Mom & Pop".

Well, actually, Jen wrote "put call button on other side". The nurse had put the beeper on a rope helpfully next to Jen's left hand, which is currently immobilized with a splint!

I wasn't privileged to know Jen in her younger days, but she's apparently never been too shy about asking for what she wants!

Amazingly, the nurses are going to get Jen to walk about a little this afternoon.

Please, no flowers or visits for the moment.

regards, Karl

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