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#05 (15Jul00) Down in Spirit

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Subject: Jen wellness update #05 (15Jul00) Down in Spirit
From:      Karl Horton

Jen watchers,

time for a more somber note. It is strange (and quite difficult) to expose the ups ands downs of this process like this.

There's no particular medical problem: Jen did get out of bed and move around a little this afternoon, and the blood supply to the tongue flap is good. She is, however, in pain. Not from the mouth surgery, but from he left arm, where the flap was "harvested".

She has a button to press to administer pain reliever, and can choose her own level of awareness.

But it's difficult: Jen's body is working so hard to  repair itself, that she's not really with us in spirit.  She finds even her immediate family tiring when they visit.  We did manage to have a little "chat" - I have to guess what to say, and she squeezes once for yes and twice for no.

So, tough though it is, we have to leave her to heal a little physically before we can really interact with her.

I found it hard to leave her this evening.

regards, Karl

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