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#06 (17Jul00) In ICU

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Subject: Jen wellness update #06 (17Jul00) In ICU
From:      Karl Horton

Jen watchers,

Welcome, finally, to Jen's family and friends who have the misfortune to be AOL members - you were accidentally excluded from my earlier messages. 
(I'll copy you all the earlier bulletins later today)

I'm *much* more upbeat today: it was so difficult for me to see the light gone from Jen's eyes on Saturday.

Two updates:

A. I saw Jen twice yesterday, and she is looking amazingly well from the outside. She has her full pallor and moves about a lot. And on the inside, whilst I wouldn't say she's happy, she's definitely "with us".

She's pissed off with the embolism stockings, and irritated by all the tubes in her arm, but happy that she's eating (after a fashion, through a tube). You'll all be delighted to hear that for an ICU patient who can't speak,  she's being ultra high maintenance!

She's definitely anxious: one of the things she wrote was: "so little control". But she called me over in the small hours today - that's a level of control she doesn't normally have!

B. Both of Jen's surgeons checked in with me today, and they are impressed with the speed of Jen's healing. They are planning to discharge her from the ICU today.

I'll let you know what her room is like:  still no visits or flowers, please.

regards, Karl

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