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#08(18Jul00) Turning Point

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Subject: Jen wellness update #08 (18Jul00) Turning Point
From:      Karl Horton

Jen watchers,

ok. today was the turning point day we've been promised.

A psychiatric unit identified that Jen's disproportionate (although completely comprehensible, in my view) anxiety was chemically induced. They changed her medications from Ativan to Klonipin, and she's been less "doped" (to use the technical term) all day.

Her pupils have become lots less dilated, and she's very definitely with it now. She was up and awake all day, was able to appreciate the view of the Golden Gate bridge from her 14th floor room, and took a sleeping pill at bedtime.

She was helped by an amazing nurse who broke protocol and really bonded with Jen: Jen's office also broke protocol (probably because they have AOL email accounts) and sent a huge bouquet to the room. Unfortunately Jen's room, although private, isn't very big, and the flowers  couldn't live there. Ann the nurse was visibly moved when Jen wrote that she wanted her to have the flowers instead.

We were all moved that Jen is now able to focus on something outside her own physical discomfort.

Also, Jen's handwriting has improved immensely: this means she can give incredibly precise instructions, and hubby and she can have interactions like:

Jen:   waves right hand around in circles
Karl:  knows what this means, and turns the fan off
Jen:   waves right hand up and down
Karl:  knows what this means and hands the whiteboard over to Jen
Jen:   writes "No, leave the fan on, but turn it so it doesn't blow directly at me"

Those of you who know Jen well would have also enjoyed  the way she rolled her eyes when the slightly less experienced night nurse made a bit of a pigs ear of performing trachea-suction.

I haven't asked Jen about this, but my view on flowers is that you should wait till Jen is back at 4504, and send  them there - they'll be enjoyed so much more (by Jen, at least, rather than her nurses).

Jen also didn't want visits or phone calls today: but I think that will change very soon.

regards, Karl

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