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#10 (20Jul00) Thankyou All

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Subject: Jen wellness update #10 (20Jul00) Thank you All
From:      Karl Horton

Jen watchers,

this note not so much about Jen, but about me and y'all.

I'm just setting up her laptop with copies of all the emails I've received in the last week: within a few days I fully expect her to be sending email independently.

Her email is: jennifer.perlman@innocent.com

Normally, I don't read her email, but until she's fully up to speed I will check it for her from time to time.

I'd like to say a big thank you to all of you for the moving emails I've received. It's been strange to be privy to such strong feelings from people I've never met, about Jen.

And, it has been *so* nice for me not to have to repeat treatment details again and again over the phone.

In the same way that you all have been buoyed up by my emails, I've been excited every time I wake up or return from the hospital. Almost every time I check my mail I find more good vibes for Jen and myself.  Don't forget that the group I'm emailing to sits in at least  three wildly different time zones, so whatever time of day I send email, some of you are awake and responding.

One piece of wisdom I've been thinking a lot about is  the role of loved ones in Jen's recovery. My natural inclination is to become extremely frustrated and bored  kicking around the hospital: I can't *do* anything, so why should I be there?

Well, the doctors and nurses are primarily responsible for Jen's physical well-being; they don't on the whole address her mental state (psychotic drugs excepted).  I have felt useful to Jen's mental well-being, and have every confidence that that translates into improvement  in her total healing.

And my well-being has been in part thanks to all the support and encouragement you've been proffering.

It's easy to forget in all this excitement about the surgery that this is Jen's first step in a long recovery process: there are many physical and emotional challenges ahead for her.

regards, Karl

PS. I got Jen one of those TTY phones, so don't be surprised if the 'phone rings and an operator relays her words to you. (We haven't yet worked out to drive it, though)

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