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#11 (21Jul00) A Minor Set-back

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Subject: Jen wellness update #11 (21Jul00) A Minor Set-back
From:      Karl Horton 

Jen watchers,

It's the little things that catch you out isn't it?

If you'd been asked to guess what the most painful part of Jen's surgery would be, would you have guessed the skin graft site on her leg? (A graft was taken to cover the forearm flap graft site).

And what might stop Jen from leaving the hospital soon?  Lack of food!

Jen's had a bit of a set-back: she's not really slept for two nights on the trot, and she's not comfortable with the liquid food - keeps feeling nauseous every time we switch it on.

Yesterday she got away with missing a night's sleep: the excitement of speaking kept her going, but today she's utterly exhausted, restless, irrational, and down.

And, simply getting a sleeping pill that hasn't been  prescribed by a team of eight neurosurgeons is pretty tricky in a hospital, at four in the morning. Yeah, I know, you can't empower the nurses because someone with a big house has to carry the can if the hospital gets sued....

The only levity I can offer is Jen's sad attempt to make her hospital bed feel more like home: she insisted on trying to sleep without her hospital gown on, and have the bed made as if it has a sheet and a comforter. Rest assured (British people) that I'll be doing impressions  of "Jen in hospital" when she can take the joke - she  just couldn't figure out how to take her nightgown off  with the IV tubing attached.

I've come home now to get some rest: hopefully she'll get her pill and get some rest too.

Oh, yes, they experimentally "capped" the tracheotomy tube today - if she can breathe ok for 24 hours, it's out.

regards, Karl

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