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#18 (27Jul00) More Sleep

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Subject: Jen wellness update #18 (27Jul00) More Sleep
From:      Karl Horton

Jen watchers,

just a quickie.

It isn't until I see Jen now, rested and calm, that I  realize what a terrible state she's been in, mentally, over the past week.

She's ready to come home again now, but her physician is being understandably cautious about letting her out this time.

I nearly killed Jen yesterday: she got a pass to leave the hospital for a couple of hours so we could keep a doctors appointment together. It was a glorious day and we drove across the city top-down and enjoyed the buildings. As promised you I'd do, I reminded Jen of one of her darker moments a few nights ago when she decided that by removing all her clothes, and spreading the sheet loosely on the bed, she could magically convert her hospital crib into he beloved McRoskey mattress at home....

She laughed so much that he trachea tube almost popped out!

Jen got tired and was keen to get back to hospital to sleep. She says that the nightmares have abated, but she wants to be back home: she may be able to swing it with her doctor, but only if she promises to lie very low and rest, not talk.

I'll warrant, though, that she'll be emailing demonically - empty those inboxes!

regards, Karl

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