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#19 (28Jul00) Yet More Sleep

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Subject: Jen wellness update #19 (28Jul00) Yet More Sleep
From:      Karl Horton

Jen watchers,

last time I fretted about tedium in these updates, I was apologetic. This time I'm  hopeful. Jen (and I) got around six hours kip last night. Don't be concerned if the frequency of updates tails off a little for awhile.

Jen now has a reprieve: she has around two weeks before radiation starts, and ten days or so after that till radiation starts making her tired. Setbacks notwithstanding, she'll get stronger and stronger over that period.

The pathology results came through: I misreported earlier; of the 30 lymph nodes removed, one was positive (as the surgeon expected).  This indicates the minimum level of metastasis of the tumor.  The pathology of the tumor margins was good - so the surgery was successful at the primary site.

The baton of primary care is now handed over to Jean Quivey, the radiation oncologist.

regards, Karl

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