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#J02 (29Jul00) Emphesyma

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Subject: Watched One #02 (29Jul00) Sub-cutaneous Emphysema
From:     Jennifer Perlman


ok, you all always knew I was an exhibitionist, so this opportunity to be the center of attention for an extended period is a hoot. seriously though, I just now, after being intermittently home for a few days finished reading the log of all the e-mails from all of you and I am just bowled over! I never knew you all care that much.

things here are getting better every day. I am speaking quite well, but have been banned from doing so until Tuesday by my doctor. on Sunday night, the night after I returned from the first hospital stay, we noticed some weird pulsing in my neck. no worries, it's just emphysema, a buildup of air that's not supposed to be there under my skin. the next day I was readmitted (after a breakdown AND tantrum) to take care of it. now I'm out again, thank goddess, and really enjoying being home again, but talking too much aggravates the air-thing. so I have to really try to shut up. tall order. to add insult to injury, in order to push this unwanted air out faster, the doc, Andy Goldberg (we now call him Andy all the time to his face) has wrapped my neck and head in a partial mummy-style contraption, and I look like last year's Paris freak-show from the runways. I can't possibly get upset about such a small inconvenience, but it is worth laughing at. I have to get it changed every other day until the air goes away, which will hopefully be midweek next week. life's a beeeeaaatch.

otherwise, again, I am finding it a challenge just to rest. I am restless and up and doing things a lot of the time. just keeping me "fed", "med" and "right in the head" seems like a full time job which Karl likened to having a new baby at home. thanks, Karl. I'll poop the bed soon just to get back at you for that.

my parents have wisely decided to have the weekend off from care taking duties and have flown down to LA for this weekend, which means that Karl and I have a much needed quiet weekend. I would love to talk to you all and see you, but it's not time yet. I need to regain my strength and some equilibrium. I still haven't slept a whole night although last night I got restful sleep from 11:30-2-:30a, 3:30-5:30a. much better. occasionally, I nap in the day. it will take some time for me to recalibrate after all that my body, but more importantly, I think, my mind, has been through.

Again, thank you for all the loving spiritual support, meals cooked for Karl (although alas, not yet me), and general mirth at Karl's amazing wellness updates. keep writing to me and Karl, we love it.


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