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#25 (15Aug00) Gastro-Tube

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Subject: Jen wellness update #25 (15Aug00) Gastro-tube
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

So much for Jen's holiday...

Jen is having her nasal feeding tube removed today, and replaced with a G-tube, which emerges from the stomach. A minor procedure.

Unexpected things are what disturbs Jen most, and she was distressed today that the surgeon wants her to stay overnight for observation: quite why he couldn't have told her that last week eludes me.

Hopefully we'll be able to arrange for her to stay on 14 Long, where she knows some of the nurses. But she is frightened about being in the hospital again.  I feel for her.

Paige is standing by... (on one leg, with the cell phone  switched off).

regards, Karl

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