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#27 (20Aug00) Penne

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Subject: Jen wellness update #27 (20Aug00) Penne Pasta
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

this is a happy update.

Medical stuff: Jen is going to be the recipient of the 'new school' of head and neck radiation application.  The 'old school' was to bathe the whole neck and lower jaw region with radiation. The new school is to apply several tightly focused beams from various angles,  targeting only known risk areas.

In particular, Quivey-the-Popsicle is going to minimize  radiation exposure to the right saliva gland, which will be great for Jen's long-term comfort.

However, the new procedure is complicated, and will involve constructing a computer model of Jen's head and neck area, so there's going to be a further delay before beaming can start, about ten days.

Life stuff: last night Jen sat down with Paige and me, and ate a small plate of penne pasta. She doesn't have to eat by  mouth, because she can take tins of goop via the G-tube, but she wanted to try it. She can now gradually experiment with real food as she feels comfortable.

Jen says if you want to know what it's like, try eating some penne without masticating it: I tried it, and you can do it, but it feels a bit dangerous - you can feel the pasta tube slide down your gullet.

Jen also went out walking on Saturday - shopping, of course. And today she's gone with girlfriends to a spa. Don't worry about me, I'll just go into the office....

regards, Karl

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