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#29 (31Aug00) Phase II

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Subject: Jen wellness update #29 (31Aug00) Phase II
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

Well, it's been a long time coming, but Phase II is here. Jen's gastro-tube has been behaving itself over the past few days, and she even had a good appointment with Dr. Peg (back from his course).

I've just finished cutting Jen's hypnosis tapes to a CD (she's worried that she'll wear the tape out!) and she's psyched up to start radiation and chemotherapy in the morning (and I mean *morning* - 7:15 sharp!)

Jen received a surprise call this evening from a young woman who had tongue cancer 3 years ago. Jen was cheered to speak to someone who is a survivor.  Jen said "She speaks better than you, and goes white water rafting".

I've not yet seen the radiation facility but it sounds fascinating; a queer and frightening mixture of high  tech lasers and mediaeval equipment. She has to be precisely positioned on a table (hence the lasers) and  her head goes into a clamp, with most of her face covered  by a mask. For thirty minutes she can't move, and can  hardly swallow because of a clamp in her mouth.

Brother Robert is here, and although we can't be with Jen  whilst the treatment is administered, but we can see her  through a window, and there's a sound system for her  relaxation recording.

And Jen will do this 40 times over the next two months.

Next, straight to Chemotherapy. A six hour course of  drugs administered at a doctor's office. The chemo will only happen three times. We're all trying to prepare for  unforeseen consequences - everything else so far hasn't  been quite as predicted...

...more soon.

regards, Karl

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