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#31 (31Aug00) How Strange the Change

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Subject: Jen wellness update #31 (31Aug99) How strange the change
From:     Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

this is an update about Karl.

31st August is a memorable date for me. A year ago my father, Frank, died of cancer. I can hardly believe that a whole calendar has turned since then.

Obviously I'm thinking about him today, and as I re-read the text of his funeral service. I realize that some of the ways in which I cope with life's vicissitudes are directly attributable to him.

On the day of Jen's operation, for example, I went out driving whilst she was in theatre: I *really* noticed the warm blue light, and the buildings of San Francisco.

I thought that Jen's family and friends might appreciate seeing my family's written tribute to Frank - it follows.

regards, Karl.

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