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#32 (01Sep00) No Nausea

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Subject: Jen wellness update #32 (01Sep00) No Nausea
From:     Karl Horton

Jen watchers,

briefly, in case you were worried.

Jen had her second radiation today; despite us all sleeping in and therefore having no time for massage or mental psyche-up time, it went well.

Jen is in that minority of people who can actually feel the radiation beam while it's happening - she says its comforting if you can get into the mindset that it's doing good work.

And, thus far the anti-nausea drugs seem to be working. Jen is tired, and her peg is giving her trouble again, but she has a quiet few days ahead of her, and many DVDs to plough through.

A note for the squeamish: next couple of mails are photos of Jen at the radiation facility, not gruesome, but possibly disturbing.

regards, Karl

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