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#33 (11Sep00) Peg Improves

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Subject: Jen wellness update #33 (11Sep00) Peg Improves
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

apologies for the hiatus: I've been tired too.

We're so glad that the radiation machine gets turned off  for the weekend - Mevatrons need rest too!

Jen just had radiation session #7 (of 33). And for the first time today we arrived with plenty of time to spare.

Jen could go to the meditation room and relax - I give her neck mobility massage, then we chatted awhile. The technicians know us now, and say hello. And Jen switched from the droney meditation CD to the wailey women vocals CD, (Some of you know it: it's called "Women on the verge..."); Jen said the time passed more quickly with music.

Jen's helpers have been great: and she's spending some of  today with a stranger - a fellow survivor.

Peg news: good news - I think it's healing now.

Jen's sleeping a lot, but has been in better spirits the past few days ....

regards, Karl

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