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#34 (19Sep00) Middle Marathon

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Subject: Jen wellness update #34 (19Sep00) Middle marathon
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

I haven't forgotten you all - thanks for the ongoing messages of support.

the Olympics are with us, so a sporting allegory is appropriate.

During a long race there's not much for the commentators to say in the middle part. The race is proceeding, and the pack has past Saint Mary's church for the thirteenth time.

It's a bit like that now for Jen & me: we're still getting up at an ungodly hour every working day, my fingers are sore from early-morning massage therapy. Jen just had treatment #13 of 33. She's cut back on extraneous appointments, and is sleeping a lot.

Jen is doing well: there are some portents of uncomfortable times ahead - she has a couple of mouth ulcers, and problems with gooey mucous production. Her mood fluctuates somewhat. The weekly  doctor and dentist checkup today was encouraging.

The second chemotherapy session is tomorrow - and Jen's not fearful about it. It wouldn't be accurate to say that the end is in sight, but  Jen's been talking a bit about normal life again. And today, she's decided to spend the day on her own to see how she copes. (I suspect she'll run up a big 'phone bill)

Jen's looking forward to the return of her parents this weekend.

regards, Karl

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