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#37 (13Oct00) A Date to Remember

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Subject: Jen wellness update #37 (13Oct00) A Date to Remember
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

15th October was to have been the date for our wedding...

We havered about whether we needed to postpone that date back in June. Turned out to be a very good call to do so. We haven't yet decided quite what to do instead.

Jen saw her medical oncologist yesterday: Kramer is a big fan of mind-altering drugs, we think, and he said that the next couple of weeks will be the worst part in terms of concrete pain and discomfort. He prescribed Fentanyl
trans-dermally - which is a synthetic morphine - for the pain.

Those of you who thrive on Hospital Drama (and not handicapped by living in a country which shows last-season's shows) will remember that it was Fentanyl that caught out Dr. Carter in E.R.. - he was secretly injecting himself with it behind his watch strap.

There are just two more radiation sessions to go now, but lately each one has been a trial: Jen's too sore on her neck to take massage from me, so getting onto the machine is uncomfortable. She has to psyche-up to walk down the subterranean corridor to the MXE room.

Despite the grimness, Jen still wants to mark this weekend, so we're traveling tonight to a secret and luxurious location in the wine country. All computers have been banned (even my little handheld) but I'll be taking a couple of novels I had shipped from the UK.

I'll be marking the weekend, also, by changing my name (again). I'm going to revert to my birth-name, in celebration of our wedding.

I'll leave the full story of that name change for another day.

regards, Karl

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