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#38 (20Oct00) Post-radiation Blues

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Subject: Jen wellness update #38 (20Oct00) Post-radiation Blues
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

Although I don't really censor myself writing these updates, I think I'm maybe inappropriately upbeat sometimes. Don't take the impression, any of you, that Jen & I are superhumanly  heroic and happy all the time through this trial.

We had a quiet time away last weekend: Jen was very tired. Strangely, we did get to watch a wedding: there was an intimate affair at our hotel in Healdsburg, staged just beneath our  window.

And Jen's radiation course completed on Wednesday.   Although we were pleased that it's finally over, we're
both a bit flat. Jen is catastrophically tired all the time, she can't speak, and is kept from sleeping  properly by pain and difficulty breathing. It still seems  like a long, long way to go before anything gets better.

Kramer delayed Jen's final chemotherapy session: apparently ok to delay until she's less debilitated from the radiation.

And yesterday she forgot to take an anti-nausea potion, and was sick: a reminder that the chemo-agents are still cruising around her body.....

We get varying predictions from the doctors about how quickly Jen's mouth sores will heal, but maybe a happier update in  a week or so.

regards, Karl

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