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#40 (31Oct00) Phase III

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Subject: Jen wellness update #40 (31Oct00) Phase III
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

Jen had some unexpected good news last week: she went for her regular checkup with Kramer, the medical oncologist, and primary overseer at present. She was beginning to heal up after the radiation, and expecting to  schedule the third and final round of chemotherapy.

Kramer decided that, on balance, Jen shouldn't undergo the final chemo dose! He considered that IOR (intra-operative radiation),  high dose fractionated radiation, and two chemo's sufficient.

Jen was surprised and delighted: it took a couple of days to sink in - damaging therapy is over, outlook is good.

That news made our party on Sunday feel like a real celebration: many people came and filled the house, Jen got overwhelmed at times, but loved seeing everyone. The sun shone. Everyone disappeared by five, then we both fell asleep.

So, here beginneth Phase III - healing and relearning. Jen hasn't eaten anything by mouth since July. She's utterly habituated to ingesting via the Damned Peg - seven tins of goop per day, with protein powder and Chinese herbs. It hurts to swallow, and is complicated. Thus far there's been no question of not using the G-tube to eat, but the idea is to leave it behind in due course.

It's funny, I've occasionally berated Jen about the life she offers her cats: they are American-style indoor kitties. Their life is sleep, wake up, wonder what's for breakfast?, oh - same old biscuits as yesterday, wonder what's to drink?, oh - same old water as yesterday, still - I'll go for a walk, mmm - haven't I seen these four rooms before?, ok - I'll scratch something, mmm - these claws don't seem to work properly, oh well -  back to sleep..... wake-up ....

Her life hasn't been so different in some ways of late!

regards, Karl

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