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#41 (06Nov00) Jen on the Loose

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Subject: Jen wellness update #41 (06Nov00) Jen on the Loose
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

Jen had a red letter day today: first day she's been allowed out  on her own .... Jane & Larry returned safely to New York on the  weekend. Karl was at work today, so Jen leveraged her recently  rediscovered driving skills and hit the town.

She went to see Andy Goldberg, the primary surgeon, who was pleased  with progress, but said that her windpipe will be crooked for  a long while yet: he removed muscles from her neck, and the  scar tissue is stiff and heavy. Upshot is that Jen sometimes wakes  up in the night frightened that she can't breathe.

And tonight she went to a support group - and *still* isn't home:  it's a long while since I beat Jen into the house!

We had a wonderful time on Sunday: Paolo & Michelle (they of  the recent Italian wedding) held their traditional
"near Thanksgiving, so that people can make it" meal in  the afternoon. The weather here was spectacular - like a crisp  fall day, but without the crispness, just the bright, warm  sunshine and slightly decayed smell of dead leaves.

The party almost turned sour when Jen broke all the golden rules of  civilized dinner parties in one fell swoop: she mentioned religion, sex and politics all in the same sentence. Luckily the Jesuit priest  to whom the remarks were addressed had been living in Liberal SFBay  for long enough not to be phased, or walk out.

OK - here comes Jen now - so she's safe .... I'll write again soon.

regards, Karl

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