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#42 (14Nov00) See-saw

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Subject: Jen wellness update #42 (14Nov00) See-saw
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

The only constant in this process is change, and being  surprised at the things that turn out to be hard.

Things haven't been so good since my last upbeat update:  in many ways Jen feels worse now than whilst radiation  therapy was ongoing. She's catastrophically tired all  the time. Irrationally, she feels guilty about that,
and sometimes tries to do too much - which exacerbates  her exhaustion...

Physically she looks well, but as the nerves in her neck  heal, and feel their way around to learn how to control  things again, they do bad things. Often Jen has uncontrolled  muscle spasms which (ironically, given how well she survived  nausea during chemo) cause her to throw up.

As much as we can tell Jen that it's ok to lie low, and do  very little, it doesn't stop her from becoming despondent  that things will never return to normal.

We did get outside briefly on Sunday afternoon: it was  warm enough (just) for us to visit Ocean beach - I flew  the kite, and Jen sketched some.

A time, then, of laying a bit low .... roll on the  passage of time. I'm thinking that 2001 will be better.

Years of the future: 1984, 2000 and 2001 - bet you never  thought you'd see them!

regards, Karl

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