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#44 (12Jan01) Jen in Crisis

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Subject: Jen wellness update #44 (12Jan01) Jen in Crisis
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

Eventually, we found a way to control Jen's coughing enough that she could keep her food down. So she's been eating, and sleeping enough for a week. Yet, strangely, she wasn't really  feeling any better; still ultra-fatigued, and a bit 'spaced out'.

Yesterday the medical oncologist rang the alarm bell; Jen's calcium level is severely elevated. Kramer put Jen back into UCSF hospital, where she's been for 24 hours.

Jen's really not very well: elevated calcium is a bad thing - makes you nauseous, fatigued, and makes you forget things. She's having lots of fluids intravenously, and being closely monitored. She'll have an ECG, an MRI and lots of blood tests over the weekend.

Jen was extremely fearful about going back to the hospital, but  in fact is finding it quite comforting: at least there is some  explanation for why she's been so debilitated.

I can't (and neither can UCSF) answer the obvious question about what could be causing the elevated calcium .... and just at the moment the doctors aren't prepared to speculate with us. They are resolved to wait until they have garnered all the information they need. It'll be a minimum of 48 hours till various test results come back, and more  likely mid next week.

Please don't flood us with 'phone calls for a little while: I will keep you posted.

Jen needs all the good thoughts you can muster ....

regards, Karl

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