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#46 (19Jan01) Golden Gate Bridge

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Subject: Jen wellness update #46 (19Jan01) Golden Gate Bridge
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

reactions to this update may well split across trans-Atlantic lines; mawkish from the land of Charles Dickens, and schmaltzy from the land of Oprah Winfrey. However, amidst this almost  unrelenting pain, life affirming moments can and do still happen.

On January 1st, 2000 Jen and I walked half-way across the Golden  Gate span. It was a cold, clear day and Jen had to be cajoled out of the house. Luckily my enthusiasm for the Gate is genuine, otherwise Jen might have guessed my hidden agenda. Despite her  advanced psychic people skills she was completely gob-smacked  when I proposed to her as we stood overlooking Alcatraz.   Later that day, as I wrestled the phone from her, she was  mystified that I should insist that she *didn't* immediately call  Jane & Larry. "Let's just enjoy this between ourselves for a little

Although Jen cracked after a fortnight, she said that she  treasured the keeping of the secret between us .... Jane is still miffed with me: "My own daughter, and you didn't tell us you got engaged".

January 2001. Yesterday dawned cold and foggy, but by noon it  was T-shirt weather. So we persuaded Jen to take her first breath of  air since last week's crisis. We took a family trip to the bridge. Thank goodness for the Americans with Disabilities Act: there's wheelchair access from the bridge overlook right onto the span.

Jen took a wheelchair and we all perambulated half way across the  Bridge. It was a spectacular afternoon: low angle sunlight,  zero wind, the bay, SF downtown and Alcatraz on one side, setting sun over the open Pacific on the other. Jane & Larry found it a difficult venture, but Jen & I wholeheartedly enjoyed it.

One of Jane & Larry's surrogate children, Naomi the photographer, came too, and so I can send some portraits after this update.

I don't know how many elevating times like this there will be in the coming weeks. But I'll try to stay alert to possibilities, and grab them *now* when they happen.

regards, Karl

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