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Phase V: At Peace

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Jen is now at peace. The living are left bewildered and do things to try and make the reality of Jen's death sink in. memorials are held, eulogies written, and ashes spread. Goodbye Jen.

#50 (27Jan01) Phase V
#51 (27Jan01) Bill Writes
#52 (27Jan01) Paige's Eulogy
#53 (27Jan01) Karl's Eulogy
#54 (28Jan01) Being Here
#55 (31Jan01) In Limbo
#56 (08Feb01) After New York
#57 (14Feb01) Eulogies for Jen
#58 (15Feb01) Ashes to Ashes
#59 (20Feb01) Bi-coastal Jen
#60 (05Mar01) Signing Off


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