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#50 (27Jan01) Phase V

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Subject: Jen wellness update #50 (27Jan01) Phase V - Memorial Services & Eulogies
From:     Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

even in death Jen is going to be fairly high maintenance.

She'll have two memorial services, one here in SF and one  back in NY. We felt that might help stop too many people trekking across America.

Jen's ashes will be divided into two urns, and the ashes spread at Baker Beach in San Francisco, and in the garden of the Perlman family home in Connecticut. I will let you know after that has happened, (mid February) but they will be closed ceremonies.

A memorial service can't be too long, so we can't offer everyone who wants to share their memories of Jen the chance to do so then. After each service the family will be receiving people for a few hours, But we also have access to this amazing  instantaneous broadcast communication technology in the shape of email.

If you would like to offer a short remembrance of Jen, then please email it to me. Please include your full name, and some context for me. In due course I will assemble these writings  and distribute them.

As many of you know we did a similar thing for my father, and  the document lives on as a source of comfort and remembrance to those who knew him.

And about a memorial fund: Jane & Larry will set up some kind of foundation, and a way anonymously to donate to it. It will be expressly to further research into Jen's type of squamous cell carcinoma. It takes a little while to do this, but I'll use this list to let you know the details.

regards, Karl

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