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#59 (20Feb01) Bi-coastal Jen

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Subject: Jen wellness update #59 (20Feb00) Bi-coastal Jen
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

Much to Jen's parent's dismay, Jen loved San Francisco and expressed no desire at all to return to the hurly-burly of throbbing New York. However, she expressed a wish to have her ashes spread on both coasts. Naomi carried the other half of Jen's ashes to Connecticut this week.

At sunset yesterday evening Larry braved the snow, and dug a hole in the garden of their country house in Litchfield. And early this morning Jane & Larry buried the ashes under the snow. Jane wrote these words for the occasion:


Beautiful daughter, full of life and love. We joyously
watched you blossom in this part of the land under
the summer sun. Fall was your favorite season
bright like you with vivid color and the harvest
of the earth's bounty.

We lay you to rest under a winter blanket of snow
and in spring we cover you with fruit bearing pear
trees that will always be a reminder of the wonderful
ripe loving young woman that you became nurtured by
the love of your family, friends 
and the love of your life, Karl.

I will always love you.

Your Mommy

The previous owners of the Litchfield house are serious horticulturalists, and they've advised Jane & Larry of a type of pear tree that will thrive in the climate there. So, in springtime, they'll plant a pair of pears in celebration of Jen's voluptuous shape ... I think she'd like that. In fact, I think she'd make raunchy jokes about it. Really.

regards, Karl.

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