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#J00 (06Jul00) Healing Thoughts

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Subject: Watched One #00 (06Jul00) Request for healing thoughts
From:     Jennifer Perlman

Hello everyone,

Although I haven't spoken with all of you myself since I found out about my illness, I know that you have been thinking of me and sending me good thoughts and hopes.

Obviously this has been a very stressful time, but in many ways, I feel so lucky to have such an incredible support network and so many people pulling for me. My friends and family and people I never expected have really been wonderful.

On Friday, July 7 at 6:30 pm West Coast time, some friends of mine are gathering with me to do a healing ritual. On the east coast, at 9:30 (i.e., simultaneously) other friends will be gathering to echo the ritual.

I believe that it will be incredibly powerful if, simultaneously, everyone who cares for me sends out whatever form of love, positive energy, hopes, wishes, or prayers are meaningful to them out to the universe.

I am thinking of all of you and will take great strength from you as I proceed.

Love, Jennifer

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