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#J12 (09Oct00) Transitional Space

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Subject: Watched One #12 (09Oct00) Transitional Space
From:     Jennifer Perlman

Dear Watchers,

Today, I went to see a Feldenkreis practitioner who had been recommended to me to help with some of my post-surgical physical problems. See, your body works like someone doing a bad Rubik's cube solution. If you get one side all lined up right, then you look at the other sides and they are a mess. by this I mean that my (or anyone's) body that has been through all this trauma and messing with his found bad ways to compensate, many of which are surprisingly, I find, intimately linked to my tongue and the muscles that attach to it.

I found a Feldenkreis teacher who has specialty in head and neck problems and although she's never worked with anyone with tongue cancer, she obvious has the needed expertise. It is a very gentle method of helping the body to rebalance. I am very excited about beginning this because it feels like the beginning of the "next phase" a "transitional space" that moves towards getting my body back. I am feeling optimistic about moving forward from treatments that feel like torture to ones that make me feel better.

Nothing much more to add, just sharing a new development.


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