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This website is a memorial to my wife, Jennifer Perlman. Even though Jen's encounter with cancer ended in an untimely death, she weathered the storm with an astonishingly positive outlook. Although the journey was at times bleak, there were many moments of joy, and she carried on touching me, and everyone around her, right up to her last day.


Megan Mills encouraged me to publish the collection of updates. She asserts that other cancer sufferers may find the updates inspiring.
Martin Taylor assembled all of the updates into a collection of web pages: he also encouraged me not to get distracted by the technology, but to focus on content.
Larry Perlman took most of the pictures of Jen when she was younger.
Jen Perlman definitely liked the idea that she would be immortalized on the web.

Technical Notes

This site was created using Microsoft FrontPage 2000. It is hosted by Dell, on a shared server running Windows 2000 Server.
I've never created a website before: so FrontPage is being used in a simplistic way.


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