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The Jen Wellness Updates (2000-2001)

When Jen's illness was first diagnosed, our phone rang off the hook. I started an email list to keep Jen's family and friends abreast of developments, and to shut the bloody phone up. As events progressed, and I came to realize how valuable the missives were to everyone, the updates became a kind of therapy for me, and an information lifeline for everyone else.

Phase Ia: Diagnosis and Surgery
Phase Ib: Recovery and Preparation
Phase II: Radiation and Chemotherapy
Phase III: Rehabilitation
Phase IV: Reoccurrence
Phase V: At Peace
Jen's Writings


I've divided the updates into phases, which reflects the way Jen & I both viewed the process. And I've included Jen's own writings in the appropriate chronological places, as well as collecting all her writing together after the last phase.


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