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#15 (24Jul00) Readmitted

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Subject: Jen wellness update #15 (24Jul00) Readmitted
From:      Karl Horton

Jen watchers,

still with the roller coaster?

Today there's good news and bad news. The good news is that the problem with air in the neck wound is caused not by a leak in the tongue flap, but by Jen's strong healing pattern.

Unusually, the outer skin of the trachea site has healed before the inner layer. This has allowed air to pass between the two layers and into the neck wound. This *is* good news, honestly, because it's relatively straightforward to deal with, unlike tongue flap problems, which are more of a lottery.

The bad news is that Jen needs to be readmitted to UCSF for a few days. She'll probably be allowed back to L14 where she's familiar with the nurses. She's going to have a smaller trachea-tube refitted, which will allow the air to escape from the wound.

Jane & Larry are looking after Jen today.

regards, Karl

PS. Jen & I played a tough game of backgammon this morning: so she's focusing properly now.

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