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#23 (08Aug00) Saliva

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Subject: Jen wellness update #23 (08Aug00) Saliva
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

Jen's big news yesterday was Jell-O. She got permission to give it a try and succeeded in squeezing a few spoonfuls down. Hoorah.

Another humorous interlude; it is all my fault that Jen's radiation oncologist now thinks she is a bit mad. I had this great idea about what to do when Jen gets "dry mouth" later on....

Jen wrote:

Dr. Quivey,
I understand that I have my radiation simulation next week and that I will begin regular radiation with chemo on Monday, August 14th. I'm psyching up for it.

I also understand from you that the salivary glands get affected and dry mouth becomes a real problem. Given that at this point I have a serious excess of saliva that I am constantly vacuuming out of my mouth with a little machine, is there any sense in, as it were, "harvesting and saving" my own saliva and freezing it for this time to come during radiation. I know that this sounds like a strange idea, but it seemed worth asking.

Please reply at your earliest convenience so that we can know if we should start collecting unpleasant little spit containers in the freezer...


Jean Quivey replied:

Dear Jennifer,
You get the award for the most creative idea of the day. No, I suspect you would not benefit from making popsicles out of your sputum.....besides, it will make the content of your freezer a little more appetizing.....with them that is.....
Dr. Quivey

regards, Karl

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