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Doug Cogen (Brown)

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I first met Jenny within days of starting Brown, and we stayed friends, at school, in New York and in San Francisco ever since then - nearly 20 years.

She loved life; she loved art and dance and drama as it reflection; she loved people as its embodiment, and finally chose as her career helping those who had barriers to a fuller enjoyment of it; she took joy in everything and everybody. She lived her life deeply, for as long as I knew her, and long before she ever suspected her life would not have a length to match its depth.

She was an incredibly accomplished person, but with Jen it was never about her or her accomplishments. It was about a friend who she cared for, or what was happening in her family, or a place she found beautiful, or a book that made her mad. Jen never seemed to push herself on people. But if you were lucky, as we all were, she would unfold to you, and share with you.

I'm happy to say that Shannon and I, along with Jon and Laurel, played a role in bringing Jen and Karl together. But who can doubt that there was something destined in that - that she, who wanted to fall in love with a person the way she had with so much else in life, should find someone, and have such happiness, and then, when cancer hit, have someone so giving and strong, to help her, and be with her.

At this point, I, like you, am angry, and sad, and shocked, and defeated and humbled, but I know the warmth I always felt in Jen's presence-deep, glowing, radiant, loving warmth, and I know that soon, and forever, that's what we'll have, and that's what we'll keep.

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