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#13 (23Jul00) Home Alone

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Subject: Jen wellness update #13 (23Jul00) Home Alone
From:      Karl Horton

Jen watchers,

A spare moment in-between priming the feeder and grinding up pills.

Jen's much happier at home, but she is soooo tired, and yet can't sleep properly. She has very frightening dreams when she lets go. I guess this is all the more  evidence that her struggle is as much a mental one as  it is physical.

We're spending the day alone together today, learning how to operate the tube-feeder, and hanging out quietly.

I'm reminded of "new father" stories - great to have Jen home, but will be exhausted myself, soon. Jen needs help washing and eating .... but, no nappies, hoorah!

A note for Bay Area folk. I know you are all keen to come and visit, but I'm banning visitors today (Sunday); Jen needs to rest.

I plan to go back to work tomorrow, and Jane & Larry  will be with Jen in the day.

regards, Karl

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