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#12 (22Jul00) Self-discharge?

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Subject: Jen wellness update #12 (22Jul00) Self-discharge?
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

Larry did the honors last night and read 55 pages of 'The Great Gatsby' to Jen instead of sleeping. I slept like a log.

The truth is I don't know exactly what's going on, but Jen called me this morning ....

To say "I'm coming home today, come and get me at eleven-thirty".

You've got to feel for the doctors haven't you? They're not used to being bullied. Jen promised to tell me all about it later, so maybe I'll get her to put it in her own words.

Incidentally, my reaction to Jen was,  "but, the house isn't tidy."

regards, Karl

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