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#21 (30Jul00) All Quiet in SF

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Subject: Jen wellness update #21 (30Jul00) All Quiet in SF
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

Jen & I locked down the hatches this weekend: Jane & Larry flew down to LA for the weekend to see family, and we've had a quiet weekend in.

No crises occurred. Jen listened to some of her meditation music, I read a whole novel. I haven't done that in awhile (Harry Potter, if you're curious, I was).

We took a cruise round the Castro (ok, ok, not a cruise in the way you might be thinking) and satisfied Jen's lust for organization by buying special plastic drawers  to store the immense quantity of dressings and medicines that have appeared in the house.

We also controlled the spread of 'things to look after Jen'. Not that we wanted to hide them away, just that we didn't want the house to feel like a hospital room. Now everything is contained in one place. I must say it is lucky that one of the sad personality traits we both share is that feeling of accomplishment when order is established.

Today, Sunday, felt a little bit more like an ordinary 'quiet day'. Jen & I were able to enjoy simply spending time together, relaxing.

Took a couple of photos of Jen today: those to follow in separate messages.

regards, Karl

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