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#43 12Jan01) The Holidays

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Subject: Jen wellness update #43 (12Jan01) The Holidays
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

my last update was dated 14th November; sorry for the  hiatus. I took a break in late November and made a solo  trip to England to see my family and a special old friend.

It was inspiring to see Fiona - she had breast cancer  two years ago, and is now able, tentatively, to look back on  it as a chapter in her life, instead of her whole life. And  I was happy to be able to inspire her - we flew a two-line kite  on Bristol downs, which she found mesmerizing. Tom & I went  and got her one for Christmas....

Jen and I had quiet and difficult holiday season: she's just  not been 'right' for some weeks - fatigued, coughing,  depressed. She wrote elegantly about it in her last update.

And early in the New Year I decided the time had come for me  to take some time away from work, to be with Jen. I've meant  to write several times, but it's quite a busy life with all Jen's  appointments and mini-crises.

regards, Karl

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