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#07 (18Jul00) Jen Walks

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Subject: Jen wellness update #07 (18Jul00) Jen Walks
From:      Karl Horton

Jen watchers,

it is possible that these missives could get horribly tedious now that the immediate crisis has passed: I look forward to Jen being able to contribute to them.

Jen walked about today - her folks were there to see her, and I think it was a bit like when she took her "real" first steps when she was 1year old - happy and emotional.

She also asked to try out typing - but she's not yet coordinated enough to hunt and peck for the keys. (Admittedly we gave her a pretty tough challenge: I only had my organizer handy - which has a microscopic keyboard)

The volume of tubes is going down, and she's "eating" through a naso-gastric tube.

I have to report, though, that she's still down  in the dumps, and doesn't want to see people yet.

Sometimes she writes about how horrible it is not being able to communicate: at this stage she can't laugh with me when I can't quite read what she writes. (But she did marry me, after all, and good humor will come at some point).

regards, Karl

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