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#20 #J01 (28Jul00) Jen Writes

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Subject: Watched One #01 (28Jul00) Hello from the Actual Me!
From:     Jennifer Perlman

Hello Jen Watchers,

Sorry to say I am going to have to keep this short as I am not supposed to use my left hand yet and it hurts, and I will have lots of typos. I am finally home, though, after an unbearably difficult two-pronged stay in the hospital which Karl has beautifully chronicled. He has of course left out much of my emotional turmoil, rage, upset, and fear from his missives, and in time, for those interested, I will be sharing these.

In the meantime, I am immeasurably happy to be home again. My folks have been wonderful while respecting out boundaries to the best they can, and Karl is a fucking saint for putting up with my craziness (no lie) over the past weeks. I went for 11 straight days with no sleep for a variety of reasons (bad reactions to morphine and Haldol (!) and that alone is enough to whack you out. I think I have medications for my acute stress reaction, so called, sorted and am beginning to get some modicum of restful sleep, although it is 4am...

I am recovering physically very well, but taking some more time to get back on my feet mentally. This weekend I need to be quiet with Karl. Perhaps next week, I will begin to feel up to seeing people.

I am completely overwhelmed by the show of support from you all. It brings tears of joy to my eyes and reminds me that I am lucky. I am also deliriously tired right now so am going to go. Miss you all, will resurface soon.


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