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#26 (16Aug00) Maintenance

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Subject: Jen wellness update #26 (16Aug00) Maintenance
From:      Karl Horton

Jen Watchers,

Jen home again now: feeling a bit delicate -all appointments for today cancelled- rest day.  The G-tube is in, looks good, and Jen is excited to be able to wash her face freely again.

Couple of good moments yesterday amidst a trying day. Jen Paige & I received a full and frank apology from the gastro-surgeon about the miscommunication over staying the night. He promised that it wouldn't happen to future patients. Maybe some good will come of whingeing.

And this is a classic: Paige & I had just sat through Jen reading out her page-long list of questions to the doctor, adjusted her pillows for the umpteenth time, fetched this and that, called so and so, closed the curtains....

And the night nurse, Mark, came in to say hello and check if Jen needed anything. She sent him off for Vicodin, and he returned with it crushed up in a cup. I told him that I was happy to administer it if he didn't mind.

Jen said "Yes, you'll find that I'm pretty low maintenance, actually". Mark, who didn't know any better, was utterly bemused because Karl and Paige began laughing and didn't stop for a long time.

"When Harry met Sally", ha. If only Sally could meet Jen....

regards, Karl

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